About Us

lʌv is phonetic transcription of LOVE and we love what we do and how we do it.
We treat our clients, our providers and ourselves with pure love, full transparency and true kindness.

lʌv also mean LION in ex-Yugoslavian languages, where our roots are from.
The lion is a symbol for strength and nobility.
The lion has been depicted as "king of the jungle" and real estate market is a particular jungle. We are noble kings of that jungle.

LAV, Real Estate with love and dignity.

With more than 20 years long experience, we work on slightly different way. Low quantity – high quality deals where we take care of every detail and share our knowledge and experience beyond the normal real estate agent limits.

We speak fluently Spanish, English, Swedish, Russian, Lithuanian, EX-Yugoslavian (Croatian, Bosnian, Serbian).

Our «Your Own Real Estate Agent» concept is something out clients appreciate and it is something we will keep developing and growing.

Haris Kapidzic

I rather help people to find their homes then sell properties.

Born and rised in former Yugoslavia ( current Bosnia and Hercegovina) and grown up in Sweden. Matured in Spain. 

Electrical Engineer who never executed that profession.

True basketball lover who never become a professional player or a coach, however he still gives loads of energy to the sport, kids and everything around basketball.

Family father with three teenagers kids and wonderful wife, a dog & a cat.

In Real Estate business since 2002 and still passionate about it.

Contact me: haris@lavrealsestate.com or +34 606509389

Robert Seremetkov

Positive attitude makes sky to the limit

Born in Sweden.

The spirit of adventure brought me to Spain, which has become my home for more than 20 years. Conquered by the light and warmth of this friendly country of mountains and beaches.

Non-conformist by nature, dynamic and persevering.

I have spent half of my life learning and growing in the real estate sector, and still going strong.

Willing and happy to listen to your projects and to accompany you to give them shape.

Contact me: robert@lavrealestate.com or +34 618 506 228

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