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Costa Blanca

Costa Blanca

Unforgettable beaches and coves, beautiful coastal mountain ranges and infallible sun make the Costa Blanca a paradise all year round

​​​​​​​​​​​​All trips have a magical moment. In the Costa Blanca, that instant in which the traveller experiences a kind of revelation can happen in many different times and places. It could happen while taking a walk at sunset, when the "warm and humble light" described by Gabriel Miró starts to hide behind the mountain top of the Aitana. It could happen when feeling the happiness of childhood games while visiting one of the 170 beaches and coves along the Mediterranean coast. Or it could take place when sailing the ocean in a recreational boat, feeling the eastern or south-eastern wind against the sails, when using our rhythmic energy while kayaking or after completing one of the province's 21 golf courses in which the sun shines over 300 days a year.

On other occasions, the magic can happen unexpectedly with small everyday things. For example, when eating a rice dish or another popular gastronomic dish in an outside restaurant on the Island of Tabarca, after having enjoyed a swim in its marine reserve. Sometimes the feeling that time has stopped can happen when feeling the pleasure of tasting an intense wine, one of those which has made Alicante famous since Roman times.

Or when visiting a town's old quarter, surrounded by stone fortresses, you can reminisce about the past and heritage of the various municipalities in the province. The Moorish legacy can be seen in the architecture and urban landscapes.

Elche, with its Palmeral and Misteri, both of which are world heritage sites. Alcoy and Novelda, modernists. Alicante, saluting the sea from the promenade. Benidorm, challenging the horizon with its mythical skyline. Orihuela, wrapped up in the echo hernandiano and its majestic sacred art. And we could go on until completing a never-ending list of urban experiences, from relaxing on the sand to enjoying the pleasures of the mountains. Discovering the unexpected is always just around the corner in the Costa Blanca. Just let yourself go, enjoy being in good company and make memories that will last forever. Welcome to your destination.

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Costa Calida

Costa Calida


The famous Spanish region of the Costa Calida is located on the Mediterranean coast of the province of Murcia and has a length of 250 kilometers, from the fishing town of Águilas to the white dunes of the beach of El Mojón in San Pedro del Pinatar,

A lot of sun and little rain with an annual average of more than 18 degrees, are the hallmarks of this coastal area, its location in the Gulf of Mazarron, prevents the entry of cold Atlantic waters from Gibraltar and this makes the coast of Murcia is the warmest in Spain, with an average of five degrees higher temperature on its beaches than the rest.

We must not forget the Mar Menor, the largest saltwater lagoon in Europe (170 square kilometers). Semi-circular in shape, the Mar Menor is separated from the Mediterranean Sea by a 22 km long and 100 to 1,200 m wide strip of sand. In its coastal perimeter it has 73 km of coastline, with a succession of beaches of transparent and shallow waters (the maximum depth is no more than 7 m), and it has a surface area of 135 km².

The Costa Cálida is a wonderful place, full of multiple advantages, either for its climate, unique and healthy, for its gastronomy, which offers traditional dishes of Mediterranean cuisine with its own identity, its wonderful beaches, many of which are awarded with a blue flag and the distinctive "Q" for tourist quality, especially for lovers of water sports, since it is home to numerous and famous schools of diving, windsurfing or sailing, several high performance sports centers related to Olympic sports are located on its coasts. Without detracting from the wide range of possibilities offered to golfers, since there are 22 golf courses scattered throughout the province, all of them of great quality, some of them of international fame.

The fact is that whether it is for its ancient villages full of history, of Roman or Arab origin, its luxury hotels or economic campsites, luxurious restaurants or small and charming cafes, luxurious spa centers or modest bathing resorts, everyone will find something to suit their taste or budget.

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